Insulation Removal

Alcal recommends removing old insulation is when it has fire damage, water damage or is heavily infested with rodents. In the rare instances where insulation removal is required, we hand-remove the fiberglass rolls, pack them in bags and carefully remove it from your attic. If the attic has blown material, we use a large insulation removal vacuum to remove all the material. The vacuum is usually outside the house and this creates a “negative pressure” in the attic such that air is being drawn up into the attic, this ensures a clean job where little or no debris enters the home.

Spot Removal

Most insulation removal is based on rodent infestation. Because there are usually just a few areas affected, we offer “Spot Removal”, which very simply means we remove the insulation and debris around the various areas where the rodents were. We can remove the infested areas and generally add more insulation to bring the entire attic up to R-30 or R-38. It is often through a report of rodent infestation that homeowners discover they don’t have enough attic insulation, to begin with. So we not only help them with the rodent mess but also to save money on their utility bills and keep the house much more comfortable in both summer and winter.